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Catriona's short story The Contract received first place in Birdcatcher Book's 2018 competition. It has been published in, A Patchwork of Stories (edited by Lyn Fowler).


A soft breeze from the fan ruffles Harry’s hair, tickling his ear, as he stares out at the world through the tinted window of his apartment. The street is full of school children, dressed in tailored shorts and well ironed dresses, men in suits, ladies in high heels, all with important places to be. Harry rubs his chin, itchy from his failure to shave in—how long now? Has it been three days, or more? The children laugh, as though reading his mind. A small boy, probably eight or nine years old, looks at the window as though he can see through the darkness and catch Harry’s eyes. Harry quickly turns away.


Nothing to see here. Nobody at home in this place.


Harry walks the few steps to the kitchen table where a cold cup of tea sits next to the white slip of paper. It’s folded neatly, as though still in the envelope, but it isn’t. He can read his name, Harry McGregor, and his address. The Real Estate agent’s emblem, complete with full contact details is sprawled across the top of the page. He knows what it will say. He had an argument with the property manager about it the week before.

“Real Estate prices have gone through the roof in this area in the past few years, Mr McGregor,” she said. Her auburn hair fell softly around her young shoulders. “Your landlord hasn’t raised the rent on you for six years.”

He’d nodded, pushing his thumbs into the palms of his hands. “I’ll have to move out, Penny,’ he mumbled. ‘And I have nowhere else to go.”

He saw the flicker of compassion cross her face. She was too young for this job. She didn’t have what it takes to be cold and ruthless when she took the job six years ago, and she hasn’t thickened her skin any yet. “I’ll see what I can do,” Penny said. She placed her hand on his arm. Tears stung his eyes.


Harry knew there was nothing Penny could do. The Reserve Bank had lifted interest rates again this quarter; homeowners were feeling the squeeze. House prices had stalled, but Council rates were at an all-time-high. The drought increased the cost of fruit and vegetables. Everyone was feeling it. Just as he predicted...

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Catriona's short story, Edward: On Going Alone was published in  Christian Writers Downunder's 2016 anthology, Glimpses of Light. 

In 2016 Christian Writers Downunder celebrated The Year Of Light by releasing an anthology where all stories reflected a different aspect of 'light'. 

Catriona's story, Edward: On Going Alone, is about a young man seeking to make his fortune in the old goldfields of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.


A series of errors and misfortune lead Edward into a situation that helps him to reorganize his priorities. But has it been all too late? Has the lesson cost him more than he had ever dreamed it would?

Glimpses of Light
All proceeds from the sale of the Glimpses of Light anthology go to world aid organisationChristian Blind Mission

"(Glimpses of Light) is a beautiful book of reflections about life. Each story really makes you think and is thoroughly entertaining. It really is a blessing to read."


- CatherineJohnson

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