Holding on Tight

Holding on Tight is a Contemporary Women's Novel, centring around the world of Natasha, an almost-40 year old mother of two, who is struggling with life. Her distant husband is driving her crazy and she is terrified they are headed for divorce. She blames the family's dire finances, and failing marriage, on her husband. She blames her estranged relationship with her oldest daughter on the terrible 'teenage years', and on her husband. She blames her lack of self-esteem and energy on her children, and on her husband. She blames the loss of their third pregnancy on herself. But things begin to pick up when she finds herself in a job that comes with the opportunity to rekindle a friendship from her teenage years - a friendship that had started with 'first love' and ended in heartache. Ben is everything she remembered him to be, and she begins to be drawn into a world where opportunities for change are flowing in like rapids. She will have to make some decisions about who she is, what she believes, and what she really wants for her future.


Under a previous version's name (Damaging Exchanges) Holding on Tight was shortlisted in the

2014 Omega Writers 

Unpublished Manuscript competition

and received third place.


Catriona is currently revising and editing this manuscript in view of one day seeking publication.